Is a Junior Blue Card Sign-off right for me?

The Junior Blue Card Sign-off is available to competent young boulderers aged 14 – 17 years old and allows you to boulder without direct supervision.

This session is an hour long and can be booked for just one person, or up to a maximum of four.

This is an assessment session only, no instruction in safety skills will be given.


Blue Card

£15 per head

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During the session, you will need to demonstrate that you can:

  • Identify hazards in the bouldering area
  • Warm up and cool down appropriately
  • Ascend and descend using the safest method
  • Identify the difference in grading selecting appropriate climbs for you.
  • Behave in a consistently safe and responsible manner in the centre.

If you need more instruction to get you to a standard where you can climb unsupervised or just need to refresh yourself on a few skills, why not book a refresher session?

Competent Boulderer aged 14 - 17 yrs old?

If the answer is yes, then book your Junior Blue Card Sign-off & have unlimited access to our bouldering facilities! Please ensure you have read the above prerequisites before booking.

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